The HC Consulting Group team has a wide variety of services we offer to our clients.

Let HC build you a custom social networking website with Social Network Empire. SNE will set you up a money-making social networking website on the domain name of your choice.

SecurePayPro is HC's all inclusive, comprehensive shopping cart and customer management system to handle all of your e-commerce needs.

Corporate websites similar to We will quickly create your corporate website for you and help you get a web presence for your online or offline business.

HC Consulting offers one sale at a time software at Bloopio. Sell one item at a time for a discount with this revolutionary software. No technical knowledge is needed to run and profit from your Bloopio powered website.

Investment Opportunities:  Email an Executive Summary of your business plan to It should be no longer than five pages and should include:

Business and Products
  - Company's business
  - Product or service description
  - Development schedule
  - Differentiation
  - Price point

  - Trends
  - Historic and projected sizes in dollars

  - Sales channels
  - Partnerships
  - Customers
  - Competitive advantages

Leadership Team
  - Management background
  - Board members

  - Historic and projected P&L
  - Projected cash flow
  - Current balance sheet
  - Projected head count by area(i.e., sales, marketing, engineering, Q&A)
  - Capitalization

  - Amount of cash requested
  - Valuation


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